Gift Cards You Can Send By Text

6 Best Gift Cards You Can Send By Text

An Easy and Convenient Way to Give a Gift This Year

Texting has become one of the most popular communication methods, so it's no surprise that many people send gift cards by text this holiday season. It is an excellent option if you want to send a last-minute gift or if you need to figure out what the recipient would like. Plus, it's super convenient - all you need is their phone number.

How Does it Work?

Sending gifts via text message is a relatively easy thing to do and can easily be redeemed. Here’s how they work:

First, research and find the gift card that will add value to your loved one’s life. During this process, you must consider the likes and dislikes of the recipient. You can check different websites like GiftCards, Amazon, and Gyft.

After choosing last-minute gifts, put effort into their customization. You can put a name logo, send a personal note, customize the design, or whatever you want with the gift card.

Then send the card via text, DM, or email. Make sure you have the correct spelling, phone number, details, and everything else. If everything is good to go, send it!

Best Gift Cards You Can Send by Text

Sending virtual gift cards by text is a great way to save time, besides giving the recipient complete freedom to choose whatever they like. With so many options available, you may need help finding the perfect gift card for Christmas or New Year's Eve. So, to ease you out, here are some of the best gift cards you can send by text:

1. Sephora Gift Cards

Sephora is one of the best places to shop for makeup, skincare, and hair care products. And what's even better than Sephora? A Sephora gift card! Whether looking for the perfect present for a beauty lover or wanting to give yourself a little treat, a Sephora gift card is always a good idea. Best of all, you can now send Sephora gift cards by text.

So if you're ever in a pinch for a last-minute gift, send a Sephora eGift Card by text, and your problem is solved! Whether you want to send a $25 gift card or a $100 gift card, it's easy to do, and your recipient will be thrilled. So go ahead and spread the love with Sephora Gift Cards - the best way to gift beauty!

2. Book/E-Reader Gift Card

A book/e-reader gift card is the best way to show you care this holiday season! Not only will your recipient be able to choose their perfect book, but they'll also think of you every time they settle in with a good read. Best of all, book gift cards can be sent by text so that you can avoid crowded malls and long lines at the post office.

To make your gift extra special, include a personal note recommending a favorite book or author. Whether your loved one is a fan of bestsellers or looking for something new, a book/e-reader gift card is a perfect way to show you care.

3. Streaming Services

If you're like most people, chances are you've given or received a gift card at some point. And while virtual gifts can be convenient, they can also be a bit impersonal. But what if there was a way to make gift-giving more personal and thoughtful? Enter streaming services.

Whether for music, movies, or TV shows, a streaming service subscription to Spotify, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video is the perfect way to show someone you care. Best of all, you can send them the gift card by text, so they can start using their new subscription immediately.

4. Self-Care Gift Card

There's nothing like a bit of self-care to show you care. And what better way to show someone you care than by sending them a gift that lets them indulge in a bit of me-time? Here are some of the best gift cards you can send by text to help your loved ones relax, rejuvenate, and recharge.

For a friend who always has a busy schedule: A spa day is a perfect way to encourage much-needed relaxation. A gift card for a local spa will let your friend enjoy a massage, facial, or other treatment. And if you're feeling extra generous, you can include a voucher for a pedicure or manicure.

Whatever self-care treatment you choose, your loved ones will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness. So go ahead and send that text—you'll be glad you did.

Best of all, you can make it a gift card text message and send it to your friends. Remember to include a personal message to tell them how much you appreciate their gaming skills!

6. Restaurant Gift Card

Restaurant gift cards are the best present you can give someone who loves to eat. You can send gift texts, and they can use them at any restaurant that accepts major credit cards. The best part about restaurant gift cards is that they never expire, and they can be used over and over again.

Most restaurant gift cards come with a PIN to check the balance online or over the phone. You can also reload the card with money when it runs out. So, if you know someone who loves to eat, a restaurant gift card is the perfect present for them.
Now that you know the six best gift cards you can send by text, all that's left to do is choose the right one for your loved ones. But don't worry, you can't go wrong with such a great selection. So sit back, relax, and let the gift of giving flow through you.