best internet providers in australia

Best Internet Providers in Australia

Get Connected With Friends and Family

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t have access to the internet because of a power failure or the data running out, and you cannot function as a human being? This is exactly what life has come to; we need the internet for just about everything to operate. It’s become more difficult to imagine life before the internet. The good news is that being connected helps us get information, tells us the weather forecast, connects us to our people, makes our jobs faster and easier, and brings us endless entertainment right at the tips of our fingers.

There’s no doubt that practically every household needs the internet, and many providers offer a variety of internet plans. Gone are the days of just getting a small bundle of data for the month, especially if you have a family with more than two people using the internet. With streaming services and social media being more centered around videos rather than text or images, more and more data is required to get by. Having the best internet service has become a requirement.

If you’re considering getting an internet provider for the first time or changing providers, here is a list of the best internet providers in Australia for you to choose from.

1. Southern Phone

Southern Phone is an Australian telecommunications company that offers a range of affordable and reliable phone and internet services to customers across regional and rural areas of the country. With a commitment to bridging the digital divide, Southern Phone focuses on providing accessible and high-quality communication solutions, including mobile plans, NBN connections and home phone services. Through its customer-centric approach and partnerships with regional communities, Southern Phone has become a trusted provider known for its affordability, excellent coverage and dedication to serving underserved areas.

2. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is an Aussie telecom company that hooks you up with awesome phone and internet services. They're all about giving you the best bang for your buck, with affordable plans and great coverage. Whether you need a sweet mobile plan or a speedy internet connection, Boost Mobile has got your back. They're all about keeping you connected and making sure you're living your best digital life, no matter where you are in the country. Trust them to keep you in the loop without breaking the bank!

3. Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband has won the 2022 Best Brand NBN with a score of 89%, making them the winner for two years in a row for customer satisfaction and performance. Aussie Broadband offers consistently high evening speeds as well as local support. Their unlimited plans start from as low as $59 per month, and their Power House Plan will cost you $149 per month with high evening speeds of up to 600 Mbps. The smaller plans offer speeds from 49 Mbps to 245 Mbps.

4. Optus

Another very reputable internet provider is Optus. This provider offers a range of NBN home plans, from $59 per month to $99 per month. There is no start-up fee, and their plans offer a variety of packages that include different modems according to your specific needs and how big your household is. The speeds are generally between 50 Mbps and 225 Mbps, depending on which plan and modem you choose.

5. Dodo

Dodo is another popular internet provider for you to consider. This provider offers the option of bundling the internet with electricity, where you will save $10 per month, and they’ve been around for quite a while. Dodo does not charge any set-up fee, and for $53.95 for the first month, you will have unlimited data. After the first month, their rate is $75 per month and continues to provide unlimited data. They offer speeds of up to 50 Mbps but can be slower in certain areas as they did not reach the top of the list when it came to the providers with the fastest speeds.

6. Superloop

Superloop also comes in as one of the top internet providers, with a range of internet packages to choose from. Their six NBN Home plans start at a low of $58.95 with 22 Mbps and go up to $114.95 with 500 Mbps, all with unlimited data. A few benefits of Supeloop are that there are no start-up fees, they offer month-to-month plans with no locked-in contract, and they provide excellent customer support.

7. Exetel

When talking about the best internet providers in Australia, we can't forget Exetel. Having won awards from Canstar, Whistleout, MoneyMagazine, and Finder over the past eight years, they are another great internet provider to consider. Exetel offers six different NBN packages starting at $53.95 with 25/10 Mbps to $109.95 with 500/50 Mbps speeds. This provider also doesn’t have a lock-in contract, offering a free home secure trial. All their packages offer unlimited data.

8. Telstra

Telstra is one of the pricier internet providers on our list. Their four NBN home plans start at $80 per month with speeds of up to 25 Mbps and go as high as $120 per month for the first six months. The package will then cost you $140 per month. The service also doesn’t charge a connection fee, and there is no lock-in contract. If you do decide to leave this provider within 24 months, then all they ask is that you return their modem.

9. Tangerine

Here is another award-winning internet service provider, and they are known to be one of the cheapest providers. With four NBN home packages to choose from, Tangerine has no lock-in contract, no set-up fees, and offers unlimited data on all their plans. The plans start at $44.0 per month with 25 Mbps speed and their highest package with 92 Mbps evening speed is only $62 per month.

10. iPrimus

One of the best internet providers in Australia is iPrimus. They offer a free Wi-Fi 6 modem with selected plans, and you have four packages to choose from. The Standard Plus plan costs $75 per month with a typical evening speed of 50 Mbps and a free modem included. The Home Ultrafast package starts at $135 per month for the first six months, and then it’s $145 per month. A free modem is included in this package, and all their plans have unlimited data.

In Conclusion

It may seem like all the above providers offer rather similar services, prices, and package options, so it might be a good idea to have a look at the various modems that come with their packages and also if they cover you in your area.

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