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5 Reasons to Hire Professional Movers

What to Know Before Hiring Movers

Moving is no easy task. If anything, it's the ultimate workout! Unless you're in great physical shape to load and unload multiple heavy boxes for hours, it's not going to be simple. Before you settle on doing it yourself, why not consider hiring movers? They could be the difference between a stressful and easy move. In this article we'll go over what you should know before hiring movers.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Moving Company

1. Saves Time
Loading, moving, and unloading your belongings can take up a lot of your time. Therefore, if you're short on time or you'd rather spend it doing other things, it might be best to consider hiring professional movers. These moving experts have the proper training, skills, and equipment (e.g., hand trucks and dollies) to get the job done quicker and more efficiently.

As they handle the physical labor, you can focus on things like confirming the utilities in your new home are turned on and notifying various parties that your address has changed.

2. No Heavy Lifting
The heavy lifting associated with moving can lead to a strained back and other injuries if done wrong. However, for professional movers, this is just another day at work. They have the body strength, the right equipment, and the training and skills to lift heavy boxes and furniture.

These trained movers can also drive different-sized trucks across unfamiliar territories and changing terrain, ensuring all your stuff arrives at your new address quickly and safely. If you don't want to deal with body aches and truck breakdowns, hiring a moving company is the right move.

3. Reduces Stress
There are countless decisions to make and things to do when preparing for moving day. From packing and disassembling furniture to deep cleaning and disconnecting your washing machine, it's just a lot. Therefore, it's no wonder that moving can make you quite stressed.

A survey of 2,000 people by E.ON found that 62% cited moving as more stressful than a divorce and starting a new job. Some of the stressful moving moments identified included misplacing possessions and heavy lifting. Conversely, moving companies have a strategy to navigate the chaos you stand to experience.

And seeing as they are experts in moving, they can offer you tips to ensure you're well prepared for the big day. Plus, just knowing your belongings are in the hands of skilled professionals will help ease your mind.

4. It Can Be Cost-Effective
Despite knowing how stressful and time-consuming self-moving can be, you may be thinking, "Well, at least I'll save money." But will you? When you factor in how much you'll spend to rent equipment and moving trucks and bribe your friends to help you move, hiring professional movers may be more cost-effective.

Moreover, after handling a move on your own, the consequences of all that heavy lifting can end up costing you medical bills and lost income. You may have to get physical therapy to relieve a thrown-out back, sprained ankle, or other injuries. Or even end up taking unpaid time off.

5. Professional Inventory Services
According to the E.ON research we mentioned earlier, misplacing possessions (32%) and not immediately finding essential items (30%) topped the list of most stressful moving day moments. A professional moving company can take inventory of all your possessions. This way, once you get to your new house or apartment, you won't spend hours looking for specific boxes and items to unpack.

How to Find Reputable Moving Companies

Once you decide hiring professional movers is worth it, the next step is to find a moving company. Here are a few tips for finding good movers:

  • Ask for recommendations from your friends and family. They might have insight on local movers you won't find online.
  • Read reviews on moving companies' websites. If people are highly pleased or disappointed in a business, they tend to leave a review. Customer reviews can help you learn more about moving companies.
  • Request a price estimate from the movers that seem like a safe bet. For a precise estimate, choose companies that send someone to your house rather than give you an estimate over the phone or via email.
  • Determine whether the moving company is licensed and insured. If using interstate movers, check this database by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to check if a company has a valid DOT number, insurance, and any complaints.

How Much Do Professional Movers Cost

The cost of hiring professional movers can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars and several thousand dollars. Of course, the exact amount you pay depends on several factors, such as the size and distance of your move. According to Forbes Advisor, these are the estimated costs of moving in 2021.

Costs of moving overall (two movers)

  • $800 to $2,150 for local moves and $2,200 and $5,700 for long-distance moves.

Local move average cost based on the typical hourly rate of $50

  • Studio/1-bedroom (two movers): $400 for 4 hours.
  • 2-bedroom (three movers): $900 for 6 hours.
  • 3-bedroom (four movers): $1,400 for 7 hours.
  • 4-bedroom (four movers): $1,800 for 9 hours.
  • 5-bedroom (five movers): $3,000 for 12 hours.

Long-distance move average cost

  • 1-bedroom: $850 - $2,300 for 250 miles to $1,900 - $3,800 for 2500+ miles.
  • 2-3 bedrooms: $1,300 - $4,000 for 250 miles to $3,200 - $9,700 for 2500+ miles.
  • 4-5 bedrooms: $2,100 - $5,700 for 250 miles to $9,400+ for 2500+ miles.

The Bottom Line

With the right movers, moving can be stress-free and an overall positive experience. The key is doing thorough research on moving companies near you and asking them relevant questions to determine which one best fits your needs. Remember to ask for a free estimate to avoid any surprises later.

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