houseplants for beginners

10 Best Houseplants For Beginners

Millennials are driving a change in our relationship with houseplants. As younger generations opt to have children later in life, houseplants have taken on the role of something for them to nurture during their 20s and 30s. Despite a history of us bringing beautiful plants into our homes, we are currently amid a spike in their popularity.

Houseplant sales in the United States have increased 50 percent in the last three years to $1.7 billion. Join the millions of Americans bringing up ‘plant babies’ by becoming a ‘plant parent’ today. Read on to discover the ten best houseplants for beginners.

1. Spider Plant

Spider plants, known also as chlorophytum comosum, derive from the asparagus family and are a beautiful addition to any home.

They are low maintenance, making them perfect for beginners. They aren’t picky about water, light or temperature.

Your spider plant can be placed in low light and should only be watered when more than 50 percent of the soil is dry. This houseplant is best suited to temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, making them ideal for your house's rooms.

Spider plants aren’t toxic, meaning that they are safe for humans and pets to be around. These plants act as air purifiers - providing clean air and removing toxins from your home.

2. Golden Pothos

The golden pothos plant, also known as Epipremnum aureum, is a gorgeous plant with evergreen foliage that comes in 15 different varieties and is one of the better houseplants for beginners.

The golden pathos is an obvious choice for plant newbies because they can tolerate a variety of lighting conditions, including being in the shade. They only need watering when the soil is completely dry, and an occasional mist is enough to keep the leaves healthy.

The only challenge with golden pothos is their toxicity. Children, dogs and other companion animals should be kept out of reach.

This plant would be a neat addition to your house, being very decorative and easy to grow and maintain.

3. Snake Plant

Snake plants, or sansevieria trifasciata, are one of the best indoor plants you can buy. They’re native to West Africa, can live for 20 years or more and don’t require much work. There’s also evidence that snake plants reduce allergies by acting as an air purifiers.

These houseplants are easy to propagate, meaning that you can create additional plants from the parent. These offspring make great gifts for family and friends.

The snake plant is perhaps the easiest to take care of, being quite forgiving if put in varying lighting conditions.

Note: Sansevieria trifasciata is sensitive to water, especially the leaves, which should remain dry at all times.

4. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants, or zamioculcas, excel in darker corners of your home and can survive for weeks without water.

The ideal houseplant for beginners, zamioculcas support our mental health and reduces stress while adding a touch of tropical elegance to our homes.

5. Peace Lily

The peace lily, also known as spathiphyllum wallisii, is a great gift for new and existing homeowners. They can grow rather large if kept in moderate temperatures.

Peace lilies complement those looking to create feng shui in their homes and are symbolic of manifesting hope, peace and healing.

While originating outdoors, these plants are now best kept indoors. Consistent temperatures are key to the success of a peace lily.

6. Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise, known also by the name strelitzia, is a complex plant with a pleasant structure. Its bright orange and deep blue flowers are truly unique in the houseplant market.

It can take a little while for this plant to grow its beautiful flowers, and fertilizer will help encourage speedy growth. While the bird of paradise flourishes best in sunny spaces, it is a fighter and will adapt to pretty much any lighting conditions.

7. Swiss Cheese Plant

The Swiss cheese plant, or monstera adansonii, derives its name from the quirky holes in its leaves. It loves to climb, and like all houseplants, is good for your mental health.

This plant needs sunlight but thrives perfectly well in indirect lighting conditions. This is due to its evolution in the jungle, where it was forced to survive under the cover of large trees.

Despite its name, the swiss cheese plant is toxic to dogs and cats and shouldn’t be brought into homes with hungry four-legged friends.

8. Palms

There are many varieties of palm plants, but they all share one thing in common - they need very little attention. It’s almost impossible to kill this plant, with the biggest risk to its health being overwatering.

Palms are a great purchase because they add more oxygen to your home; this will make the rooms of your house more relaxing.

9. String of Hearts

String or hearts, also known as ceropegia woodii, is one of the best houseplants for beginners. It’s low maintenance and is a perfect hanging basket option.

The main risk to the longevity of this plant is overwatering it, making it a perfect plant for those who are away a lot.

The string of Hearts likes to be in bright sunlight for at least 5 hours per day but can retain good coloring even in darker spots.

10. Chinese Evergreen

If you're thinking houseplants for beginners, the Chinese evergreen, or aglaonema, may not come to mind. It is a slightly more tricky houseplant to nurture - but is still one of the best for beginners due to its adaptability to different lighting conditions and temperatures.

Unlike many other easy-to-care-for plants, the Chinese evergreen needs to be watered when the soil is damp rather than dry. It’s only a slight variation in required care, and once you’ve remembered this difference, it’s an easy plant to take care of.

The large leaves of this plant add moisture to the air, which can benefit our respiratory system.

A Plant Can be The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift that's both stylish and practical? Look no further than house plants! These leafy beauties not only add some serious pizzazz to any room, but they also pack a healthy punch by purifying the air and boosting mood. Plus, with a huge variety of plants to choose from, there's something for every type of mom out there - whether she's a total plant pro or a newbie to the gardening game!