Postage Stamps

Everything You Need to Know About Postage Stamps

Who Knew Sending Mail Could Be This Fun?

Even though many of us do not use postage stamps in our everyday lives, it is essential to know what postal stamps do and how to use them correctly. This way, you never lose any mail or packages through a postal service like the United States Postal Service.

This article will discuss what type of postal stamps you should use, the cost of a postal stamp, and the different classes of postal stamps.

What is a Postage Stamp?

A postal stamp is a small piece of paper or sticker issued by the postal service or authorized postal vendor that covers the cost of posting the item for the customer. 

There are over 22 types of postal stamps; each does a different kind of service; an airmail postal stamp pays for airmail service, and an official mail stamp is only issued by the government or one of its bureaus. 

Where Can You Purchase a Postage Stamp?

Many stores and vendors offer postal stamps for you to purchase; you can even purchase them from a postal service. If you are collecting postal stamps, that's a different story. Below is a list of the common places to purchase postal stamps.

  • United States Postal Service or The United States Postal service’s website offers a variety of stamps for you to buy; they offer seasonal and themed postal stamps. The seasonal themes include Halloween, Christmas, Kwanza, and Diwali. The themed options for the postal stamps range from Peanut characters, the James Webb Space Telescope, and animals like elephants. The United States Postal service also offers stamps with notable figures like Eugenie Clark and Chien-Shiung Wu. The website allows users to filter stamps to choose between sizes, themes, shapes, colors, and denominations. 
  • Retailers: Many stores in the United States, like Stamps or even pharmacies, sell postal stamps for their customers to buy. You can locate which stores in your area sell postal stamps using the USPS’s Location tool. You only need to put in your area zip code, and the system will find outlets near you where you can buy postal stamps. Many stores won’t sell stamps individually; you will have to purchase a booklet or roll. It's best to check with your local outfit on how you are able to purchase stamps.
  • Banks: Some banks and credit unions offer their clients the opportunity to buy postal stamps through them for convenience while you are there. However, many banks are no longer offering this service as postal services for bank letters and statements aren’t in such high demand anymore.

The Price Of Postage Stamps

The United States Postal Service announced that there will be new prices for stamps in 2023. The postal stamp price depends on what type of mail you are sending through the postal service. The Prices of some stamps are listed below. 

  • Your one-ounce letter postal stamp will cost 63 cents. The 2022 price is currently 60 cents.
  • Metered one-ounce letters will cost only 60 cents in 2023. 
  • Domestic postcards will cost 48 cents per postcard.
  • International postcards are always more expensive than domestic postcards and will cost $1.45 per postcard.
  • An international will cost you $1.45 for postage, the same as an international postcard.

Even though the prices are going up for using the United States Postal Service, the prices are still one of the most affordable postal services in the world.

You can buy rolls of United States Postal Stamps, and the price you paid for them will forever be what you paid for them. For example, if you get 100 stamps for $60 and the price goes up to 63 cents, you will forever pay 60 cents for each one of those stamps as you already paid. The postal stamp does not expire, making buying in bulk a smart idea if you frequently use the postal service.

What is The Difference between a First Class Stamp and a Second Class Stamp?

The difference between first-class postage stamps and second-class postage stamps is the time the letter takes to get to its destination. Typically a domestic first-class stamp will be a next-day delivery through the postal service, depending if you submitted your mail before the daily deadline for next-day delivery. If you submitted your mail after the deadline, it would take an extra day to deliver. Second-class stamps tend to take up to three days for delivery but don’t cost as much as first-class stamps.