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4 Shopify Subscription Apps for Your Business

Shopify Subscription Apps Can Help Boost Sales

Adding a subscription as an option for your customers is a great win for both yourself and the customer. This gives the customer the convenience of not having to remember to place an order. Also, depending on how you set it up, customers may have the option of saving money by signing up for a subscription, and it ensures a recurring revenue stream for you.

Let’s have a look at some of the best subscription apps in Shopify.

1. Recharge Subscriptions

One of the top subscription apps is Recharge. It allows you to set up a subscription program within minutes easily, and smoothly integrate with existing payment processors. This app also gives you access to real-time data and business performance, and it permits customers to manage their subscriptions via a special customer portal and SMS. It also boasts powerful payment and order management tools.

Even though the standard option to get the app is free, one of the cons is that there is a fee per transaction, which may have a negative effect on your profit. Another con is that you are required to set up a subscription model for every product individually, which is time-consuming. There is also a “Pro” option which will cost you $300 per month as well as the transaction fees that apply.

More good aspects of the Recharge app include:

  • You can do one-time product upsells.
  • The app sends automatic notifications to keep the customers informed.
  • Customers can reschedule their deliveries and even swap products as needed.

2. Appstle Subscriptions

Appstle Subscriptions is currently one of the highest-rated apps with the most reviews. This app also allows easy and powerful subscription creation and management. It has an advanced set of tools that will increase your revenue, boost business growth, and simplify the shopping experience. It offers detailed performance reporting and inventory forecasting for staying stocked up. There is a real-time reporting system of subscription customers, revenue, and store performance. You can even set up rules to calculate discounts and this app features a loyalty program with tiered discounts which is great for customer retention.

As a customer, if you need help, there is 24/7 live chat support, and you can self-manage your subscriptions. You can also add your one-time purchases along with your subscription purchases in the same cart, which is super convenient.

One of the only cons we have found is that there can be many complex tasks to fulfill if you are migrating to Appstle from another subscription app. Other than that, this is a great app to use! The cost of Appstle starts at only $10 per month for the Starter option, $30 per month for the Business option, and $200 per month for the Enterprise option. If you’re not sure if this app will work for you, they also offer a 30-day free trial option.

3. Bold Subscriptions

Bold Subscriptions is built for high-growth brands. It is the official Shopify subscription app, approved by Shopify Plus Certified Apps, and it is integrated with Shopify Payments, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, and more. You can add “subscribe and add” to any of your products and it automatically installs in your theme to match your branding. It also works with Shopify discount codes, and it accepts both one-time and subscription purchases in one cart. There are Bold experts on standby who will assist you by handling migration from other subscription platforms, ensuring that there is no risk of losing any of your customer information. They will also help you with any technical or installation issues you may have, and it won’t cost you a thing.

Customers can manage their own payments and subscriptions and they will also receive automated emails about their subscriptions. However, one con when using Bold Subscriptions is that they have quite an expensive fee, which is standard at $49.99 per month with a 1% transaction fee for every subscription order.

4. Seal Subscriptions & Loyalty

Seal Subscriptions & Loyalty is known as “the free app.” The free option only supports up to 150 subscriptions, however, so if you are a small business then this is a great app to use if you aren’t willing to pay a fee. If you are a large business or aim to grow over 150 subscribers, then it’s still only going to cost you $4.95 per month for the Supersale option, $7.95 per month for the Rising Star option, and $20 per month for the Legend option.

Set up and configuration of the app is pretty easy, and you are able to set up subscription requirements, discounts, product swaps, and subscription intervals to suit your business. Seal has the option of setting up customer loyalty features such as loyalty gifts, interval changes, product swaps, and gift subscriptions. You can also easily migrate subscribers from other platforms in bulk or manually. The only con is that the automaton invoice sending feature sometimes stops working, according to reviews.