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3 Supply Chain Management Software Programs

Find the Best Supply Chain Management Software for Your Business

Supply chain management software is used to help optimize the flow of products through the supply chain by automating the work process. This can be done by helping with the supply and demand of products and creating a way to manage stock easier. There are multiple supply chain management software types, so finding the right software for the job can be overwhelming.

In the article below, we will discuss the three best types of supply chain management software and what their uses are.

1. E2open

E2open is a cloud-based supply management software that helps customers respond to real-time demand and delivery constraints.


E2open is an excellent choice as it has strong integration with both internal and third-partner systems, with non-EDI-compliant software being able to connect to E2open.

Other features of this supply chain management software include:

  • Supply chain planning services in custom alerts, supply forecasting, scenario-based planning and supply network coordination.
  • Order fulfillment management features include order fulfillment optimization, purchase order tracking and supply delivery schedule.
  • Procurement management features in the form of raw material sourcing and supply market analysis.
  • Logistics and transportation management for shipping performance.

• A lot of good features with the software being deployed globally.
• According to reviews, the software is cost-effective.


• The software is not free and doesn't offer any free trials or premium consulting.
• Reviews state that the software can sometimes feel out of date.


E2open does not give out the pricing to vendors or anywhere online, but it is a subscription-based service. As a potential customer, you need to contact E2open to request a quote for your business.

2. SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) Software

SAP is also on our list of best supply chain management software. It is suited for retail, manufacturing industries and other businesses. Their goal is to create a sustainable, financially viable supply chain for their clients. The sustainable supply chain will help enterprises find greener alternatives for their supplies.


The features of SAP SCM are broken up into four main categories: collaboration, planning, coordination and execution.

  • Collaboration: Helps connect suppliers, contract manufacturers and customers in a real-time platform to create a better supply and demand with sustainability in mind.
  • Planning: Helps to generate a better workflow, creates operational plans based on current and relevant data and helps business decisions with strategic and operational information.
  • Coordination: Helps to synchronize data and information between the business and all the stakeholders, thus increasing productivity and communication.
  • Execution: Ensures that plans created to help optimize the company are fulfilled in the best way and helps reduce production quality issues.


• The planning features of the software are outstanding.
• The demand planning feature helps create supply forecasts from strategic and tactical information.


• There aren't any free trials and no price is given unless requested.
• According to reviews, companies may take time to get used to the unique software of SAP SCM.


There isn't any price available on hand for this software. You need to contact SAP SCM for a quote.

3. Logility

Logility is a machine learning supply chain optimization software, featuring a performance monitoring design. It supplies clients with easy supply visibility regarding demands and resupply systems.


The features of Logility include a few unique and cool systems that help this supply chain management software stand out from the rest.

  • Integrated business planning allows companies to set financial or production goals with instructions on how to reach those goals.
  • Retail optimization helps to see how customers will react to different products and what is the best way to sell the products.
  • Inventory optimization can help businesses to have a complete overview of what stock is at hand and what needs to spend on supplies.
  • Supply optimization allows clients to forecast the raw resources needed to ensure that production can be done efficiently.
  • Demand optimization is the best way to back the production cost from the tools and the production process. This is the way to see if your company is sustainable in the long run.


• The cost of Logility is affordable.
• User friendly.
• The software is easy to maintain.


It is a monthly subscription only.
• They don't have premium consultants or integrated systems.


The price of Logility is very competitive, especially for the amount of software you get for your money. Only costing $35 a month, this software is a good buy.